Shoe Love

Recently I have been looking for the perfect maryjanes. I tried these ones on at Famous Foot Wear and they pinched my toes unbearably so that choice went out the window.I looked at these ones (below) at Anthropology and they cost $260 (roughly) YIKES choice

Then I went to Smiths Marketplace and there they were and on sale! I am so excited to have found a comfy & affordable high heeled shoe!
Aren't they Lovely!


mer said…
LJ, these are soo cute. how much did you get them for? the tights are adorable as well. You're so lucky you are getting weather that you can wear fall clothes in. It's in the 80's here and very humid! ugh.
Anonymous said…
I love your "shoe story" - that was delightful. I do that sort of thing on my "apron stories" - I just think it is fun. You sstory gave me a "big smile" for the morning.
Lorajean said…
Thanks for your comments ladies. The shoes were $40 and were normally $50 so I was happy! Also they heel isn't way too high like most heels are, for me at least. I have a pair of higher heeled boots and I fell down the stairs wearing them. Trent found me hanging onto the railing with my feet five steps above my head.
Lorajean said…
P.S. I looked for a link to the shoes on the web and couldn't find anything. They are G.N.W, Lily, color: brownstone, SKU 92997110, if any one wanted to know, and they are real leather (I love them)

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