Look Im on the front page of Etsy!

Take a look at the front page of etsy and what do you see? Its my lola doll in a flowery dress!

Awesome huh?!!!

Thanks Jenn for letting me know!!!

P.S. They have updated to new pics, but here it is on the treasury page



mer said…
i missed it LJ! Did you get a screen shot?
Lorajean said…
NO, I didn't get a screen shot, and I'm really sad about that. I tried but I guess I really don't know how. it was so neat. I only got to look at it for five seconds and while I was blogging about it it was gone. I didn't even find out who posted it so I could say thanks. Oh well. the sweet thing is the list of people who heart me has doubles in one day.
Lorajean said…
I found it! the link is in the post.

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