Re-beautified ballet flats

Many of you may remember the sequin slippers I used to wear all the time. You may also recall how worn down they quickly became. In fact they looked quite horrible. It was then that I started to hunt for another, more neutral, pair of ballet flats. I wanted ones that I could wear with anything and that were really comfy. I looked and looked with no success. None of the ballet flats I tryed on were cute and comfy at the same time. I returned home disaopointed and
frustrated. I had placed the sequin slippers in the "to be taken to the thrift store box" but took them out again and realized that with a bit of work I could turn the slippers I already had into the flats I wanted. I grabbed my seam ripper and ripped all the sequins off, then
I got the tweezers and tweezed all the left-over threads out. Then I grabbed the black shoe polish off the shelf and they transformed into beautiful black slippers. I love how they turned out! I really didn't expect this all to turn out as pretty as it did. I thought if they
didn't turn out, I wouldn't have spent any money at all, and therefore it couldn't hurt to try. All my work payed off and I am very happy with them. In fact, I wear them every day now!


mer said…
the pictures are really cool too. you could blow them up at kinkos and hang them in your house (looks like vintage french).
D-lyn said…
Okay, so I tried to paint some cowgirl hats to a creamy white. I wish my experience turned the hats to a lovely shade of white, but no such luck! Instead the felt absorbed the paint in strange splotches!
Blaze said…
I just found your blog and your etsy shop! They are both very inspiring! I love your little sweetheart illustrations!

Thank you for sharing your work with us!
Lorajean said…
Thanks so much, I just checked yours out and I like you art as well.

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