Domestic Disaster

Today I wanted to make a cake before Trent came home.
I wanted to surprise him with a beautiful cake with yummy cheesecake frosting.
I wanted to be a domestic goddess.
My daughter requested pink be the main color.
Everything went great....

till I tried to frost it.
All my hard work.
MY beautiful cake!!!!! :( :( :(
All my dreams of becoming a domestic goddess crumble to the floor.
Well not really because when my daughter saw it sitting on the counter in all its falling -apart-ness she said in the sweetest most sincere voice "MOM its sooooooo beautiful!"
I'm almost ok now and this post is part of the "get over it, its just a cake" healing process for me.
I have to be able to laugh at these things.


Annie Carie said…
OH lorajean that's an awesome story and I totaly sympathize!

Give Lizzy a big hug and kiss for me!

Actually it looks really yummy! :P
Unknown said…
I love Lizzie for helping you feel better about this! You're already a domestic goddess because you take very good care of your family -- you don't have to try to be Martha Stewart too!

Love you! Hugs for the whole Gudmundsen family from Aunt Liberty!
noodle and lou said…
awww..what a sweetie! It looks kinda cool to me and I bet it tasted super yummy:) xox..jenn
D-lyn said…
Lj- I can totally relate!!!
I had this similar experience! I made a cake for Louis' B-day and I had the second layer come out of the pan in multiple pieces Waaa! Then Louis came into the kitchen to see what was wrong and found me sobbing on the kitchen floor in a heap. I just wanted it to be perfect for him! Then he told me he didn't like rassberry jam filling in side his cakes any way! Sigh!
I wish I had had a Lizzie to tell me it was beautiful!

Beautiful Crumb Cake!
Anonymous said…
Hello! I just came across your blog! You have lovely art!
mer said…
LJ this is the story of my life. Don't you just love how our children help us see the beauty in our mistakes and imperfections? I love that Lizzy!
Blaze said…
Thank you for your kind post!! :) I am glad you like Lavender! :)

Your cake looks DELICIOUS too! What a pretty color pink! ;)
Anonymous said…
This is so,so sweet!! :) And your cake looks like it would 'taste' heavenly! I love all the pink and white and cake bits all together, swirled!

Thanks for your kinds words over at my little nook! :)

What a beautiful spot you have here! :)

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