Moving my Etsy Shop!

HI there everyone I'm moving my shop to a new place for name consistency reasons.

PLEASE heart me at this shop.

I will not post any new items on the other shop. I plan to eventually clearance all the left over items in the old shop.

So check out the new shop because my newest dolly is up!


Blaze said…
What a LOVELY doll!! It's absolutely darling! She looks very sweet, and I'm sure she loves her new home in the new shop!

Hope you're having a wonderful day! And thank you for your sweet comment! :) It made my day!

p.s. And I WILL heart you in your new shop!!
D-lyn said…
I love your new dolly!
how cool to have new shop!
I need to get new stuff up in my shop too!
If you make a blonde doll with a bluish dress in the same pattern I know I will buy it!

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