Saturday, February 23, 2008

What I've been "studying"

I have been obsessed with fashion history as of late, it came about from my love for these traditional paintings I've been "collecting" on my computer. I hope these inspire you as much as they do me. As a complete coincidence I watched Becoming Jane last night and fell even more in love with the Regency, or Empire fashion era. Its a MUST SEE!!! Loved it (I cried).

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D-lyn said...

I loved that movie too!!!
I actually adored it! I am a huge fan of Jane Austen and her books so of course L had to rent it for me!!

Anonymous said...

I adore fashion history too-- and I love the pictures you posted but they aren't Edwardian--the period you are looking for is called either "Directoire" or "Empire" Period in relation to the Napoleonic reign.

Miriah said...

I also wanted to add I love, love, love you site. I have only recently started blogging again--and I really appreciate all the talented encouraging women who make the blog/craft world so lovely. Thanks! **I was the anon. who corrected your costume period!

Lorajean said...

Thanks a bunch Miriah, I fixed it. :) After going through a bunch of fashion history books I got are the library I had realized that it wasn't the Edwardian era too. But I didn't realize that I had put it wrong on my blog post, so thanks for the correction. Nice to see your blogging again! :)

Rascallion said...

Love that era too. I haven't seen the Jane movie but that latest "Pride and Prejudice" was a favourite.

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