Fashion Friday,(or monday) Wardrobe Remix

Happy Monday everyone! In all my excitement for the give away and sketching up a storm I forgot all about Fashion Friday. Well no I didn't, I consciously decided to skip it last week because I had a full day that day. ;) But here I am posting some beautiful fashion inspirations for you today! I was having a lot of fun browsing around Flickr last night in Casey's favorites file. (check out her inspirational blog Elegant Musings!) Thanks Casey for your great picks! I really had fun looking through all of your favorite images! ;) Thats how I found all of these great images from Piksi, a girl who lives in Finland, loves animals and has incredible taste in fashion. She adds her outfits to the wardrobe remix pool (a photo pool of peoples daily outfits) on Flickr. Be sure to check out all of Piksi's images, (I only posted six) she has many more and all of them are lovely. Enjoy!


mer said…
too cute. angeline would go nuts for her.
Anonymous said…
What a cutie! :) I love it! I love her sense of style! :)

Thanks for sharing the inspiration! I can't wait to do more spring shopping!?!
Claire Mojher said…
I long to wear every single one of these outfits! Adorable :)

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