The hunt

I thought it would be fun to share some Easter photos with all of you.

In my head I had planned an ornately hand made original table setting and a gourmet meal for Easter. You know, sugar cookies frosted with home made frosting, place settings with name tags and a perfect centerpiece. easter baskets all decorated perfectly. It didn't turn out at all the way I planed but you know what, I loved it! The day flowed with a spontaneous energy and the kids loved it too. I chose not to make cookies, and not to set the table at all. We had nachos from one communal family plate and had great family bonding time. I did make popcorn balls that tasted so very lovely though, and the services at church today were very enjoyable! They filled me with joy and hope. He is not here, He is risen. Hope you all had a great Easter as well!


Miriah said…
Thank you! We had a different Easter than I had planned too--but Evie seemed to enjoy it anyway. But your beautiful reminder helps me to treasure the memories we made-even though they weren't picture perfect.
Anonymous said…
Hi there!! :)

These photos are amazing! :) It looks like you had a beautiful afternoon with loved ones! :)

I just wanted to thank you for all of your sweet comments while I've been away! :) Thank you!
Joyce said…
I enjoy your blog so much! It makes me happy to read about the fun things you are doing and to see your beautiful artistic photos.
Annie Carie said…
You know simple is way better!
You are an awesome mommy, and that's all that counts. -love you

Happy Easter!
Jenn said…
What sweet photos Lorajean! Love those blue eggs:) Happy week to you:) xox...jenn

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