Freebies from other bloggers.

This is actually my 149th post because I skipped a day last week. :) oh well! I have been wanting a blog break lately because my mind wont get into it. Every time I sit at the computer I wish I were doing something else, so I'll make this short. I just wanted to share a few freebies from other bloggers that I have enjoyed.
  1. A print a day, free lacy labels
  2. Creature Comforts, free soap wrapping printables
  3. Du-Bah-Du Designs, give away!
  4. Allie Hoopes, free hand written font downloads
Click the images to download the freebies!


Laura B said…
Thanks for sharing these freebies and take a break and relax :)
I hear you regarding the blog break. I dont know how some people write's hard with kids, and life and trying to get art done! Thanks for the mention. I'll have to check out the other goodies!
Anonymous said…
Ooh! Wonderful! Thank you for the heads up! ;) I'm so glad that you got your package in the mail, and I do apologize again for the sticky note! I just wanted to ship your package off as soon as I could! ;)

This weekend was wonderful and I feel energized for finals (if that's possible!)! How was your weekend?
Anonymous said…
Hello Friend! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!! ;P

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