Saturdays at home from now on

It was like Christmas getting up at 6:30am to finish sewing all the newly designed fabric dolls and packing everything up to go to the market. I was so excited.
I had a lot of fun putting everything out on the table, it was quite an impressive display if I do say so myself. My booth was in the shade so I was freezing cold for half of the morning but when the sun moved above the tree I warmed right up.
I spent hours and hours getting these baby's packaged and I really love how they turned out.
But I'm sad to report that although it was really a fun experience, financially it was a major waste of time! After all of the fees to sign up I only made a profit of 18$. I spent hours and days of time getting ready, not to mention the expense of supplies and packaging. I may do this again once or twice but there is no way I'll be doing this every Saturday. Yeah I probably shouldn't give up after one try but it was incredibly unprofitable especially when it came to time. It lasts four hours. that is a long chunk of the day, not to mention the prep time during the week. So I have all this stuff now, whatever shall I do with it? :) Well I am going to have a huge Little Lola's shop update! Later next week when I finish everything , including the oh so secretive Papier mache girl, I am going to have a big update full of surprises and new products! Ok ok I won't torture you I'll put a date and time on it, lets say Friday May 16th 3pm mountain time. He he, here comes that Christmas-y excitement again! :) :) Happy Mothers day to all of you mothers out there! And Happy Mothers day to my mom and mom in-law! I love you! Cherrs!


Nancy said…
Ahhh....Miss Lorajean...nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say! Hey, you got to experience the market, something you've wanted to do forever, so there you go...something to knock off your "to do" list?? ;-)

I wouldn't give up on the market all together either...I'm SURE once the weather warms up you'll see that sales will as well! In the meantime? Yay for us as your shop update will have much to look forward to!
Miss Dot said…
I am sorry to hear that. I have just done three Saturdays at my local Farmers Markets and have had mixed success, every Saturday is different. I think you should try again before giving up :-)
I haven't posted yet about my last market, it was a total disaster and the organisers want to cancel it... I just can't talk about how dissapointed I am. Best of luck to you.
Anonymous said…
Dont worry about it. You have a much broader audience or clientele potential on Esty. Everything looks fantastic!I think that having that kind of experience under your belt only adds to your business sense. Your work is fantastic and I look forward to your update!

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