My Mom's living room

Isn't it lovely!

I always look forward to seeing the tree at my Mom and Dads. I love my Mom's newly remodeled living room. it is so beautiful! My mom has such a great classical decorating style that I LOVE. All 5 of her daughters got the decorating and crafty bugs from her! Love and miss you Mommy!


Diane Duda said…
Your mom's tree looks magical.
We always struggle to find a place to put our tree. We have too much furniture and we've added a piano since last year! Yipes.

mer said…
so fun. I thought the same thing as Diane. It looks so magical!
Alice said…
wow it is gorgeous!
that tree is just stunning!
Just like something out of a home decorating magazine!
And I adore her piano!
D-lyn said…
I love the photo shoot!
now I need you to come do a photo shoot at my house and magically turn it into someplace fabulous!

You missed my favorite homemade snowman ornament in your pictures!
fioretta said…
Everything looks so gorgeous! Definitely a cozy and elegant scene. :)

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