I made chocolates

I had lots of fun making valentine chocolates! But I have to confess something, I am super addicted to making home made treats and sweets, yet I am a little bit of a selfish cook. I need to figure out a way to make them and not eat them all. I need to let some of them go to other homes, like neighbors or family. I am super obsessed with cute packaging, like here , here , and here, so I am determined and excited to give away at least some these candies to our neighbors! I'll take photos of the packaging when I get them made. If anyone knows where I can find a free download template for making little boxes let me know!


Joyce said…



There are lots of sites, here are 3.
D-lyn said…
Okay share the recipe please!!!
Anonymous said…
Those are BEAUTIFUL Lorajean! You are so talented! Psst! And if you want to share...... I mean... I'm only a couple states away! ;)
Danielle Combs said…
Okay...I fully insist that you must move next to me, and be my neighbor.

Those look scrumptious.

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