I couldn't help taking a few self portraits (via my crappy web cam) and playing around with the color a bit to get a neat look. What do you think? I'm a dork I know! :)


You're so lovely. Totally unfair. :)
D-lyn said…
What is it with your lips!!!
They are so gorgeous!!!!!!!!
Totally perfect cupids bow!
Studly Studmans said…
Love webcams. You and Lizzy look a lot a like. I love the top left blue tinted one. Definitely good lookin!
mer said…
hot momma! gorg baby. cupids bow is a lip was the ideal in the 50's.
D-lyn said…
Cupids bow you know the thing cupid shoot arrows with. This bow has the shape of your upper lip and when you draw back the string you have the bottom lip. It is the most desired lip look for the romantic... I read too many books where that is the lip discription. I suppose it is a bit out of date but I am a lover of old-fashion. Your lips honey are the lips of dreams!

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