From the library {Flea market style by Emily Chalmers}

When I checked this lovely book out at my public library (a place we go weekly), I couldn't bare to return it without photographing the best pages for my inspirational homes photo file. I might as well share these with all of you too. :)
Just look at these quilts. When bold colors are done right I can't help swooning.  One of the things this book mentions is that when you have strong colors you need the relief of white walls.  I agree that without the white walls these quilts would be overwhelming. (Kinda makes me want to paint one of my rooms white so I can have a bold blanket or throw.)

Now if I was swooning over those quilts then I'm fainting over these kitchen storage shelves!! This is proof that I don't have enough dishes. Right mom? :) My mom has a lovely collection of many beautiful dishes but not this many. Wood prices are low right now so go and get the stuff you need and build a shelf or two...or twenty. Sigh.  :) That work room is amazing too right?!  What a lovely space to sew a quilt or roll out some wall paper and make origami boxes. :)


I've had this books for a few years now, and I keep it on the family room coffee table, just in case I feel uninspired. It's a beautiful book.

BTW, I love your blog, great job.
Your blog is so lovely! I adore it! I came over from Whatever Dee Dee wants, and now I want more!

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