Our tree this year

This year we took our origami advent and hung it all over the tree. Inside are four candies for each of us ,except the baby, to eat as we countdown to Christmas. I think next year I will put scriptures and service projects in each box for a more spiritual Christmas advent. 
The snow on the tree is just one of those"snow blankets" you get in the Christmas section. We ripped it up and I put a little piece on each branch. You might notice that the snow looks worse at the bottom, that is my almost-one year old's doing. :)
My all time favorite ornaments are the scrolls with scriptures on them.  I made these seven years ago for our first Christmas after we got married, when we had no money. Seriously, all we had on the tree that year was a home made popcorn garland, one box of dollar store candy canes, because you get like ten for a dollar, and these scripture scrolls.
All I did was roll some parchment paper and wrote some scriptures in fancy handwriting. Super cheap! It's not even the affordability that makes these my favorite, it is the message they share and the spirit they bring.
Merry Christmas!


Moe said…
This is so beautiful! I love the snow :)

Happy Holidays!
beautiful tree - and lovely story. i love that although times change you continue to hold on to those scrolls. love your stuff!
Miriah said…
Thank you so much for sharing your tree! It is beautiful!!! I love the scripture scrolls, I want to make some with my family for my tree now too! Have a blessed Chrismas!
Delia said…
It is so whimsical and beautiful!

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