Monday, March 14, 2011

My own jersey slouch hoodie

Some of you might recognize this jacket from the tiny one I made for my paper mache sculpture girl Jenn.  It is was so cute and super easy to make that I had to make one for me! :) I just wish I had taken photos along the way, then I could have made a tutorial for you. I might make one for my daughter though, if I do I'll make sure and take photos along the way. :)


Miriah said...

OOOOH please, please make a tutorial!!! I would LOVE to make one too, and one for my wee princess : ) And if you say it is easy, that only makes me more excited because usually, jersey is a bit scary! You look so fabulous by the way! Love your style ; )

Juliette said...

well I would love a tutorial post,for sures! What a great design! I have a bunch of heather green jersey that has been begging to made into something wearable and if this is as easy as you say it is...well I might have found my winner...long, w/long sleeves...sleeves scare me though, but I could be game for a gamble... looks great on you!

dana said...

ah! there you are! You're so cute!! Oh and love the hoodie too :)

Delia said...

This is so cute Lorajean! I hope you do do a tutorial!

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