I am working on tons of projects right now but all of them are still unfinished. I am so excited for when I finally get to share then with you.  To hold you off I thought I would share some Pintrest goodness with you.
If you aren't familiar with Pintrest then read the next paragraph.
If you are a lover of saving photos from the web for inspiration boards but hate the hassle of trying to remember the URLs to give credit, then Pintrest is for you! You can "pin" an image that inspires you and it remembers the site it is from for you. Here is a link to my many pin boards.
Click the images to go my pin where it is already linked to the source.
 Isn't this adorable? I want to try and make something like this for my baby this summer.

This image, to me, is breathtaking!  I love the white fading into moody blackness, I also love the textures of the different fabrics she is wearing.  I showed it to my husband and told him he should do a painting like it.

  This is so romantic looking! I could maybe do something like this if there was a house with a shower and toilet close by.  A more realistic version would be to have this tent in our living-room.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Delia said…
So romantic looking, but all I can think of is trying to clean that up and pack it out. Blech...romance is work. :)

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