Dreaming of a pretty kids room.

I am re-doing the kid's room. We never really finished painting it and it is looking sad. I go in there and can't stand the randomness of it all. First of all, the beds don't match and its really bugging me. Don't get me wrong I love mismatched and eclectic style but in their room it's not eclectic, it hideous. If I get brave enough I'll snap a picture of how it looks now and show it to you. That probably won't happen till I get you an after picture to help relieve the shock :)
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How do I want the room to look?
 Do I want flowery wallpaper?

 do I want clean white walls with colorful accents?

I realize that these two styles are not much alike, but I really like both of them.
I love the romantic feeling of floral walls and antique beds. So pretty and soothing.
I also like the simple white because you can hang up almost anything on the wall and it doesn't look bad. Also it gives room for a bright and cheery hand sewn quilt!

This is a boys room too so flowers will have to wait. 
The poor boy had to live in a pink room for years (we finally painted it a pale green) we don't want to traumatize him.
Maybe the flowered wallpaper will show up in a new craft room, or possible when Lizzy gets her own room. I couldn't help swooning at all the wallpapered rooms so I decided to share them with you any way.
What is your style? Are you a flower lover or a white purist?
Hope this Post finds you all well! Have a great week everyone!


kelly said…
re: wallpaper vs. clean white, i think it depends on how much art is on the walls, personally.
Elegantpaws said…
I love wallpaper, it makes such a statement. Those ones are stunning too.
Joyce said…
I love white and neutral colors because you can do anything with them, and you don't get tired of them. But I've always wanted to paint a room green. Beautiful spring-time green!
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