Chinese Birthday Party

Last summer my daughter Lizzy had a Chinese themed Birthday party. For almost the entire year she had been in love with all things China. She pretty much knew that China would be the theme for her birthday 6 months ahead of time. 2011 was the year when everyone had small family birthdays and fairly simple decorations. We try to have low key parties every other year so the kids don't expect a huge circus of a bash every year, plus it  gives me a needed party planning break. :)
It was super simple and really fun! I purchased the takeout boxes,the fortune cookies, and the chop sticks at the dollar store. What really made the party special was when we ate the ramen noodles in the take out boxes with chop sticks! Oh and if you don't have a birthday to plan this would be a great Chinese New Year party idea.


Delia said…
Oh man...I should've have run home and got that coin purse for her then! I still have it. What a cute party idea.

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