Monday, February 20, 2012

getting ready for baby

I have been crocheting up a storm over here, mostly making baby clothes. I am still working on perfecting the patterns and will for sure be letting you know when they are available! :)  Baby Girl's birthday is coming up quickly and we are trying to get all our ducks in a row in preparation. March 11th is the due date, but at my last appointment she was breech. The Dr. said we may induce labor early, after turning baby head down, so we can get her out without resorting to a C-section. A C-section sounds kinda scary since I have never had surgery in my life. Hopefully all will turn out as planned or better! :)
Another thing we have been doing over here in preparation for baby's arrival is building a triple bunk bed in the kid's room! Our 2-yr-old is still sleeping in our room in the crib and he needed a new place to sleep. The new bunk bed is pretty much finished except for a few accents and paint. Because the bed is located where the closet was we are in desperate need of new toy and clothes storage! I am trying to figure out a nice way to arrange the room so it feels effortless but well-styled. I need to be innovative and creative since I want to do all the storage on a super small budget. I'll share before and after photos as soon as it isn't a huge mess in there.


Cris said...

Wow! So cute!
I had my baby girl last October and I had an induction but after almost 24hours of contractions and broken water I had a urgent c-section because the cord didn't let the baby go down. I didn't have any surgery before as well but this one was very simple and in 3 minutes my baby was outside crying and making her parents cry too! So... don't be nervous... even if you'd need a c-section... at the moment you'll only be thinking about your baby.
All the best!

mer said...

Cute LJ! can't wait for baby "E" :)

Maya Lee said...

That's so cute dress idea for babies. God bless to your delivery.

garden sheds


I found your blog through this dress on a link on Pinterest. You are obviously a very talented woman! Did you post the pattern for this dress? I would love to make one! Thank you!

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