"The sculpting of a great life"

I just finished reading Carianne's recent blog entry, entitled "hmmm...", and I had to post a comment, then "Buddy Boy" turned off the computer right when I was almost done. :( So here i am posting it on my blog.

Anyway, she talks about sculpting her life into something beautiful. Well, recently I read the last three months of my journal and i have found that I go through the exact same cycle every month making the same mistakes and then fixing them and then there i am at the same place as before. I say to myself "someday I'll get this right" then reality hits and i say " no I won't. I'll NEVER be perfect." and I feel crummy. Then that familiar little voice says "Lorajean of course you will never be perfect ON YOUR OWN!" I need my Father in Heavens help! any way it was one of those moments where you're overwhelmed and then you're at peace! I just had to share it.

So, like Carianne, I too am creating a great life and hopefully someday it will be perfect. as long as I let God be the sculptor.


Annie Carie said…
Thank you Lorajean I like your comment!

love you!

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