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Making cute things again

Hi everyone, I'm excited to update you with some art I have been making this year These cartoon-y animal characters are such a blast to create, I really have found a happy place in creating them! More Halloween characters coming soon! I have been showing my wares at the local gardeners market this year and I have enjoyed it so much! It great meeting people who are passionate about cute art, and making new friendships. I am sure to do it again next year!  
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Benny Bear! Paper mache sculpted figurine!

This is Benny, my cute little bear OC and he's all cuddled up in his golden yellow hand knit cowl scarf! ^^ He is hand made by me with my homemade paper mache clay recipe! I love working with paper clay because of the rustic looking aesthetic but also because it is made from recycled newspapers!! I love his adorable little face!! ^﹏^ He would be the perfect addition to your office space or desk area. He is not waterproof so keep him away from wet areas, spills, or leaky window sills. *this is a painted piece of art, not a toy for kids   

I'm Back In business and having fun!

Hello Hello! It has been a while since i have given any updates on here. I thought it was about time I revive this blog and get it back to somewhat resembling of its former glory. :) I have always been obsessed with art and stationary and that is basically the theme of my Lorajean's Magazine shop . YAY! :)  I have been having a blast creating art and using it to design art prints,  stickers, notebooks and various stationary items with it. My latest design it this "God Speaks to ME" journal for personal revelation. I just got my first inventory shipment yesterday and I am so exited! I have added this journal and a few other things to my Etsy shop as kind of a soft opening. I am still getting my designs finalized and printed. I had been researching journal printers and sticker companies and I have finally found some companies I like and am thrilled with the quality of the products! Woo-hoo! I am so excited! I have a lot of fun planned for the official shop opening like: boo

Samantha, a crocheted bear

I absolutely love to crochet toys. I think most of my crafting life I have been making more toys with yarn than making blankets or clothing. Often we associate crochet with afghans and hats or sweaters, but I don’t have the patience to finish a project that large most of the time. I apparently have a small attention span. 😆  I am super excited to share a sneak peek at a new crochet pattern I am creating! :) I plan on posting the pattern up on my Etsy shop as soon as I have it ready. I actually am planning on doing a series to animal character patterns so Samantha can have some friends! :) I am so excited. Stay tuned for more Crochet toys and patterns. Don’t worry I’ll keep you in the loop.

Morgan, a new papier mache witch sculpture

(Note: I use amazon affiliate links in my articles. ) Witches aren't just for fall :) Sometimes  Halloween is for all year. What are your thoughts are you a Halloween fan? I cant say enough how much fun  it has been getting back into sculpting again. Paper mache is so much a part of my artistic outlet. I never thought that having no artistic outlet would hurt me, but I have had time where I was emotionally suffering because I didn't have a voice or a vehicle to express myself. I am so glad to be at it again.  :) Also it is totally OK to let yourself take a break when you need one, sometimes you need different outlets and different times. but never rob yourself of an outlet you are craving. There is time, there are so many ways to create, just go out and do it! :) Have you ever taken a break from your art or outlet, and ended up right back again because it was an innate part of you? let me know in the comments. If you want to see whats available you can visit my Et

Rustic folk art Christmas village

I love Christmas and I love old why not mix them together! This is me Dickens village I also have a one with more glitter and Christmas lights that I'll feature later. These are at a live show so be sure and check back after the 15th to see if you can snatch up one... or five for your very own :) -Lorajean Instagram- @lorajeangudmundsen Facebook- @littlelolaspapermache Pinterest- Little Lolas

Sculpting again

I'm back into my sculptures and I had to share it here! Www.Etsy. com/shop/littlelolas