Tutorilal: How to crochet a baby gnome hat

I want to start by welcoming all the readers that have come over from Made, where this post is participating in "Celebrate the boy". 
Dana has giveaways and a wonderful collection of tutorials for making all kinds of cute boy stuff, so if you haven't already, go and check it out. A wonderful group of bloggers will be contributing tutorials. Not to mention the lovely tutorials Dana herself will be posting as well! It lasts all month, and into march a little too, so keep going back to see whats going on over there! :) 
I decided to share crochet instructions for a baby gnome hat!  If you want to read about my inspiration for the hat and what not, you can read it over on Made. :)
I only used one skein of "Charisma" by Loops and Threads, a bulky 5 weight acrylic yarn. I chose a thick yarn for warmth, and acrylic for wash-ability. This was my second time using this yarn, I am really happy with the way it turned out and will probably use it again in the future. It is really soft and doesn't itch like some acrylic yarns. I have made this hat using a lighter weight yarn and it works fine, the spaces between stitches are a little larger though.
Most of the hat is crocheted in the round and is worked almost entirely using the double crochet stitch. The pattern I am sharing is for a 12month old - 3 yr old size head.

The hook I used was US I 9 / 5.50mm.

3 rows of 6 dc = 2in x 2in

Here is a key for all the abbreviations I use.
dc = double crochet
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
rep = repeat
sk = skip
beg = beginning
rnd = round

Lets get stared,

Ch 4, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Rnd 1: ch 2 for first dc, 8 dc in ring, sl st to top of beg ch. 
(9 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 2: ch 2 for first dc, dc in each dc, sl st to top of beg ch. 
(9 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 3: ch 2 for first dc, dc in 1 dc, *2 dc in 1 dc, dc in next 2 dc, rep from *, sl st to top of beg ch. 
(12 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 4: same as rnd 2.
(12 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 5: same as rnd 3.
(16 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 6: same as rnd 2.
(16 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 7: same as rnd 3.
(21 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 8: same as rnd 2.
(21stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 9: same as rnd 3.
(28 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 10: same as rnd 2.
(28 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 11: same as rnd 3.
(37 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 12: same as rnd 2.
(37 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 13: same as rnd 3.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 14: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 15: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 16: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 17: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

Rnd 18: same as rnd 2.
(49 stitches counting the ch 2.)

After round 18 is finished fasten off and thread extra yarn into the hat.
You should now have a cute little gnome hat with no ear flaps.  If you don't want ear flaps you can stop here and call it good. If you do want ear flaps keep reading. :)

If you look at your hat you will see a "seam" of stitches where you joined each round and started the next one.  Lay the hat flat so that The "seam" is in the middle to make counting stitches easier. (Like in the photo below.)
 To add the first ear flap; Start working in the 10th stitch from the "seam". (see top photo above) Work the first row of the flap with the wrong side (inside of the hat) facing you.

Ear flap row 1: ch 3 for 1st dc, (working to the right) sk 2 dc, sl st,
(working to the left now) 7 dc (8 stitches total counting ch 3) in the same stitch that the ch 3 is coming out of, sk 2 dc, sl st. (See photo above.)

 Flip over and work the next row on top of the row you just made. Work with the right side (outside of the hat) facing you.
Ear flap row 2: ch 3, (working to the right) sk 2 dc, sl st, 
(working to the left now) 2 dc in every 1 dc (16 stitches total counting ch 3), sk 2, sl st. 
Fasten off and thread the extra yarn into the hat. (See photo above)

For ear flap 2 rep Ear flap row 1 and 2, starting on the 10th stitch from the "seam" on the opposite side of the hat. (See top photo above.) 
The "seam" should end up being on the back of the hat.
To make the ties cut 2 long strands of yarn. These should be three times longer than the length you want the finished ties to be.
Fold a strand in half and loop hook in the center fold of strand.
In the middle stitch of the ear flap (see bottom photo above) and pull strand of yarn though stitch. 
ch as many chain stitches it takes to run out of yarn. (Or as many ch stitches it takes to tie a bow under the chin of the person it is made for.) Fasten off and Trim excess.  
Do it again on the other flap.

 You hat should now look like the photo below.
Yippee You're done!!Put it on your little one to keep their little ears and cheeks warm and cozy.
 (Or just to see how cute they look in it.)  :)
If you want you can change it up a bit you can add pom poms or tassels to the ends of the ties.  Or you could change the color of yarn every row to make stripes. The possibilities are endless.
Happy crocheting everyone!!!
EDIT: I noticed that I forgot some details in the ear flaps. If you needed some clarifications there just read the red text.  I just added it. :) hope that helps.


Citra said…
Congratulation, Lorajean !
I'm on MADE and see who's on it right now, it's you !
Unknown said…
SO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing!
Delia said…
Whoo hoo! I am excited to do this today! Lorajean...you did a wonderful job and the photos are beautiful...of the process, of your sweet son...everything!
lisa said…
Thanks so much for the pattern! It's simply adorable and my baby was napping so I decided to start on one right away. Just a question, does round 3 (and subsequent repeats of that round) need to end with a 2dc in 1dc? Thanks again!
Sascha said…
Makes me want to learn how to crochet! I've been pixie hat obsessed lately.
dana said…
Oh wow. You are amazing! Your pattern is easy enough for even a very novice crocheter like me to try it out. Thanks again for celebrating with us. I'm so happy I've found your blog :)
- dana
Katie Lewis said…
Saw you over on MADE. This is adorable!
Lorajean said…
Thanks everyone for all you lovely comments and thanks Dana for the way too nice introduction on your blog and inviting me to participate!

To Lisa-
rnd 3 does end with 2 dc in one dc, but each rnd that is increasing like rnd 3 ends with either one or two dc depending on the previous rnd.
tu-ki-mu said…
soo cool soo cute. very easy and clear tutorial. thank you so much. And this is the first time visit your blog (thank to dana MADE!).
Fox and Amy said…
Ditto--just finding your blog from MADE. Great pattern, and I love your photos! My fam and I just moved from Logan to Japan, so I was excited to see you and Delia are both in Logan. Crazy crafty goodness!
Heidi said…
Thanks for sharing this! It is super cute. I just might have to make one soon.
so stinkin' cute~!
thanks for sharing the pattern. I can hardly wait to make one of these for my littles.

This is SO adorable! Thanks for sharing! I love free crochet patterns. I'm pulling the laptop over to the couch so I can work on this while I watch TV tonight. :)e
Rubyellen said…
that hat is so funny and cute!!!
This is adorable and we just watched Gnomeo and juliette V-day wkend this will be a great surprise for my little girl who couldn't stop talking about the movie. Thank you.
nscrofan at rogers dot com
Anonymous said…
too too cute!!!! i am so gonna make this!!!!
Alissa said…
Oh my gosh! This is so cute! I love the whole outfit! So stinkin' cute! Is there a pattern for the dog on the shirt? I'm already working on a hat for my little man. Never mind that it's too warm now for it, it will fit next year too.
Anneliese said…
I love this little hat! I am a big crochet-er and have three little girls who could wear something like this (even though you did it with "Boy" in mind). thanks so much for sharing. I especially love your method for the earflaps. New to your blog from MADE--I'll be following! -Anneliese
Delia said…
Hey...I am going to link to you. I just made one. I don't think I have perfected the flaps as nicely as yours, but the rest was such a cinch. Thanks for the great pattern!
Anonymous said…
haha! i heart this! buuuttttt, what do i have to add to make one for ME?
BeckyKay said…
I love this pattern! The hat was super easy, but the ear flaps have me stumped.
Lorajean said…
If you are having problems with the ear flaps It's probably because I failed to point out that when you start each flap row you work th the RIGHT first instead of to the left like usual.
After you ch 3, you sk 2 dc, sl st, to the RIGHT.
Now, working to the left like normal, you stitch 7 dc (8 stitches total counting the ch 3) into the stitch the ch 3 is coming out of. Then you sk 2 dc, and sl st,
Flip over and, working to the RIGHT again, sk 2 dc and sl st.

Now ,working to the left now, stitch 2 dc into each of the 8 stitches you just made. sk 2 dc , sl st. fasten off and you're done! :) Hope this helps!
BeckyKay said…
Thank you, Lorajean! That's exactly what I did last night after I commented, and it worked perfectly! My daughter looked adorable when I tried it on her this morning!
Lorajean said…
To BeckyKay- I am so glad it worked out! I hope my additional instructions help to prevent the same frustrations for others. :)
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for sharing this adorable pattern! I made one for my daughter and she looks so flipping cute in it. Check it out here....
Caitlin said…
cutest thing I have ever seen! I am super impressed. Do you think you could make one for my dog? :)
Sarah Louise said…
Oh my goodness, I just love this! It's so adorable! You wouldn't happen to be making this into a downloadable PDF, would you? Photos and all? I'd love to add this to my hard copy stash... :)
LindaP said…
Love it! Made one for my 13 year old to wear to the basketball game! It was a huge hit! I used 2 strands of yarn, and a K hook. Came out perfect just as written. I did not do the ear flaps. Great pattern and thank you for sharing it!
Linda P
emma said…
Thanks for this pattern, I love it so much! I made one and can't wait to make more. Although I didn't have any babies handy to model my hat, so I put it on my cat for now, haha.

Blogged here:

Anonymous said…
Wow, I am *so* impressed! I love to crochet but I haven't done it in years because honestly I didn't think there was anything that I could make that I would actually use in real life. i stand corrected. I would totally make this hat! Thanks for the awesome tutorial, and for the pictures. Very awesome.
LeftlegDesigns said…
I loved your simple pattern. I created my boy a hat making up a pattern based on yours. I hope you don't mind that I have included a link to your site on my post about this hat! Thanks for sharing.
Elena said…
I love to crochet and I know all the stitches and can make just about anything. The problem is I can't read patterns... I get really confused and don't understand the instructions. I have made lots of things just out of my head! Can anyone recommend where I can learn to read patterns? I learned to crochet when I was little and have never stopped... I don't know some of the formal names for the stiches I can make. It is frustrating because there are so many cool patterns out there that I would love to try... like this adorable gnome hat! Thanks for the help!
emmalee said…
I just made this lovely little Gnome hat for my BFF's bambino! Such an easy pattern, it came off the hook in no time! Unfortunately, the little bean is still cooking away so I don't have a model for the hat, but here's a photo! Thanks so much Lorajean for such a fantastic, easy pattern. I've gotten 6 requests for more already!!

jillian said…
i love this pattern so much!! any ideas on how to make it for a newborn...smaller hook, less rounds? thanks!!
Christa said…
What a great tutorial and what a great sight. Love the photos and the detailed process...Thank you!!!
I love this pattern. i have just forwarded to my mum to see if she can get started on a couple for my boys./

pop over to my blog in a few moths time to see if they ever eventuated. i hope they do!
Lovin' it .quick and cute. Just what I needed for my Gnomeo and Juliet baby gift basket
Thank you so much for the pattern! I made it for my 3 year-old son, at first he did not want. Now it's one of his favorites and gets lots of compliments when we are out and about.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said…
I really want to make one for my 3 month old. How would I change the pattern so it's smaller?
Lorajean said…
If you use a smaller yarn an hook that will get you a smaller hat. don't go too small or you will make a dolls size hat so I would suggest only going down one size in yarn and one or two sizes in you hook.
Heather said…
Love it. I followed the pattern, but my hat came out newborn sized, even though I used a K hook, and two strands of bulky yarn. That's okay though, I am a newborn photographer so I will just save that for a little one. I am wondering though, what I did wrong. I need it to fit a 3yr old, and even though I know I did it right, somehow its not big enough. I crochet loose so things stretch a little for comfort, but it still wasn't enough. Should I just keep going with rows 2 and 3 until its the right size then work out the other steps? I love this pattern and will be making more. :D Thank you SO much for sharing this lovely pattern.
Heather said…
Hello Lorajean! I've made two of these, one in a preemie size and the other for a two year old. I wanted to share photos with you, but alas, I cannot because I do not have outlook to see your email address. Anywho, I will post the items I have made on my website and link back to your page. :) Thanks for sharing this sweet pattern.
Anonymous said…
thanks so much for the great pattern- im wondering if anyone can maybe help me figure out rnd 3 -- im new to crochet but im having trouble with the stuff between the *'s ---can anyone maybe explain that rnd to me?? my sweet children and i would be grateful :)
Danielle said…
Thanks so much for sharing your creative pattern. I just whipped this up in a little over an hour. It came out so cute. Thanks again!
Ranbir said…
Thanks for this pattern. You should really put it on Ravelry for more exposure.
CanadianJane said…
this is the cutest hat ever and so easy to make!! thank you so much

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