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D-I-Y craft "tutorial"

Here is what I'm making- Christmas ice-skating figurine out of paper mache`.

items needed:
bailing wire,
tin foil,
news paper,
mix of flour and water in a bowl,
screw and screwdriver,
wooden block.

I bent the wire using pliers into the shape of my desired position for the "skeleton"

I shaped the foot that touches the ground into a circle just big enough to fit the screw.

and I drilled the "skeleton" to the wood block via the circle in the foot.

I then put a ball of foil onto the head and body to get the mass I wanted and i went crazy with the paper mache`

I also reinforced the scarf with wire to get the effect of it blowing behind her.

added some pretty colors and voila`!

she is still needing touch ups but this gives you the general idea of how she will turn out. Sorry about the shortage of informative photos. I'll remember to take more during the actual sculpting and pasting of paper mache` next time. Hope you enjoyed it!

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D-lyn said…
It looks really simple when you do it! I don't think I could accomplish anything nearly as cute!
Annie Carie said…
AWESOME LJ!! Way cool idea to figure out how to do it yourself and the tutorial how nice of you! what I thought was impossible is now sudenly possible! I'm all happy for you!!
Anonymous said…
I love this. Beautiful
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing your technique!
You're awesome! Love this! Thank you so much for such wonderful ideas!