Saturday, June 2, 2012

a motto

Some of you bloggers and creators may understand that sometimes we have to create or we go crazy.
While other times there seems to be nothing to create.

Sometimes we are so excited to share our spin on a classic, or new ideas, with the world.
Other times we feel there is nothing we can offer to the creative world, it isn't really true but we seem content with what has been, and is being, created by others.

Sometimes inspirations and creations comes all at once and we cant keep it in, we create and create till the wee hours of the morning and still we are overflowing with ideas and the right amount of enthusiasm to make the ideas come to life. 
Other times we are happily wrapped up in other things that are still creative but not in the same way we usually define creativity.

Lately I have been happily wrapped up in other things like homeschooling, landscaping, mothering, nursing, and cooking. These all seem so day to day and normal and perhaps even seem boring but I am immersing myself in these things and dare I say happily avoiding the blog scene. I noticed that ever since our camera broke the desire to take photos let alone upload and edit them as all but disappeared. Don't you worry my blog muse always returns but till them you can always refer to my Pintrest for inspiration! In my blogging absence I have been pinning up a storm. So head on over to my pins and have some eye candy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New bunk bed and a kids room makover

  I am so super excited to share my finally-finished kids room! For a good long while I had been planning, dreaming, and wishing to get the kids room to be to a place I was happy with decor and storage. I wanted a place that felt thought-out and intentional instead of looking like crowded mis-matched furniture from the side of the road (witch is pretty much what it looked like before).
    Getting the kids room to this point has been a long journey of slowly collecting things from thrift stores and yard sales. The black trunk was from the local thrift store as well as most of the toys. The ottoman under the window (also from the thrift store) is so great for reading books and nursing the baby. The wall-mounted doll house is something I love! Trent made it for Lizzy for Christmas last year. It's great for storing all her doll stuff and I really love how it looks in the room. I am a sucker for doll houses and dolls (as evidenced by my doll house and dolls pin boards). Can you spot three more doll houses in the photos above? I realized the other day that I have bought so many doll houses through the years that it is kind of silly. A while ago I decided to donate my least favorite ones to local thrift stores because they took up so much room. What can I say, when I see cute dolls or doll houses I honestly want every single one! Maybe someday when I'm rich I can own a doll house museum.
   Something I had wanted for a while was a room with enough room to play while simultaneously sleeping three kids. A few weeks before the baby was due, Everett, our third, was still sleeping in his crib in our master bedroom and we knew we had to figure something else out. With two twin beds filling the room, there was barely enough room to play on the floor, so there was absolutely no way a third bed would fit into the room. Thus the triple bunk bed was born! Trent built it in the closet space. He knocked the back of the closet out to take advantage of some unused closet space behind it (from the bedroom-turned-living-room remodel from several years ago).
    One of my favorite parts of the room is the apple crates we mounted on the wall (25 cents each at a yard sale!) They are a really fun way to store and display all the trinkets the kids collect. The metal basket has an awesome DIY story: while at the thrift store we found two stacks of six square metal grates; I decided to buy them and used cable ties to make two baskets with lids on them. The finishing piece was the dresser we got last week (we got it for $15 from some friends who were moving). We are so happy to finally have a place to put the kids clothes away. Ever since the closet was turned into a bunk bed we had no place for the clothes, so we had been shoving them in the colored crates and the toys were never really put away. It was kind of a disaster! Now that everything has a place, and when everything actually is in its place, the room is a dream come true for me and the kids!!

P.S. Right after this photo shoot things literally came crashing down! The tripod leg gave, the camera fell, and the lens broke! :(  It was only yesterday when the camera broke but I miss it already! Waah! Today is Evangeline's two month mark and I was planning on taking photos to document. My needs are nothing to Trent's though, he needs the camera to take photos of his paintings to send to galleries, collectors, for his website, and for prints. Nothing that important though, he just needs it to make a living!  Hopefully we can get a new lens at a good price. I'm OK with getting a nicer one though. :) We'll see, but for now I'll have to post using photos I took previously or really crappy ones taken with the kids camera or the camcorder. Sadness.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

suprise baby shower

 Last week my mom and two of my sisters came to visit me and see the baby. While I was out for lunch with my mom, my sisters set up a lovely surprise shower for me. It was so nice of them! I wasn't expecting them to do anything since it is my fourth baby, so it really meant a lot to me that they did it anyway. I even got all choked up when I turned the corner and they yelled surprise! My living room was transformed into a party room! Everything was neon and craft paper. I love the combo of neutrals with neon and they picked up on it. I was surprised to find out that they purchased a lot of the party stuff at the dollar store. So if you want a neon party for cheap you know where to go! After I opened the wonderful gifts of handmade baby clothes, a handmade quilt and cute matching outfits for my two girls, my sister pulled out a huge box full of hand me downs from her four girls!
 I just want to say thanks to my mom and sisters for the super awesome baby shower I really loved it.  I was so happy just having you all come visit so I feel super duper loved that you went the extra mile to did this for me. :) It was so fun having everyone over to play and I miss all of you! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

gifts received

 I have been spoiled lately and have to share the loveliness with you all. My sister Merrilee made me this adorable baby quilt, similar to this one she made last year for our nice, but instead of sewing a herringbone pattern she did a zigzag pattern for the quilting. I love it so much! To me hand made gifts are some of the most touching and memorable. I have received quite a few handmade baby quilts throughout motherhood.
 I come from a crafty family so you an imagine how many baby blankets, quilts, and afghans the four of them have all together. I honestly cherish all of them though! As do my children, they sleep with each one.

 Another thoughtful gift I received recently was a pretty blue circle skirt made by Dana Willard! I was so surprised when she sent me an email asking me for my address. I later received a lovely little package with a cute card and everything! She is such a sweet blog friend and I hope to meet her in person some day so I can give her a huge hug! Thanks Dana! :)

With home school, baby laundry, and two kids in diapers, it makes even finding time to make dinner hard, so blogging has slowed . But you needn't fear, I am still creating and crafting I just need to make time for taking nice photos and sitting at the computer. My sisters and mom came to see me and threw me a cute little shower. I am getting that post ready so check back soon .Our life is full these days, mostly full of love from family, and love for our sweet little Evangeline!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

new wardrobe

It's getting warmer around here and that means it's time for light and airy spring time clothes. I have pinned a lot of really pretty kids clothes ideas lately, (see them here) and really wanted to make new clothes for lizzy since she is out growing a lot of her clothes. I sewed a super simple but really pretty floral top for Lizzy the other day. I got the fabric for a $1.50 a yard at Walmart. :) I have had some time to sew lately because the kids have been sick these past few days, and homeschooling is on hold while they cuddle on the couch watching movies. Lizzy got hit the hardest with a fever, bad sore throat and a cough. She slept on the couch for practically a week and finally perked up yesterday afternoon. So just us 3 girls went shopping for sandals, it was nice to spend "alone" time with Lizzy and have a little get away. It's so funny that going shopping with only two kids is a relaxing treat now that I have four. I feel a little frazzled at times but I really love having four kids. We already feel like Evangeline has always been with us. We forget that almost four weeks ago she was still inside me and we hadn't met her yet.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

sewing again

Hello! I'm still here. I am recovering and we are all adjusting well over here. I have even found some time for sewing for Evangeline. I made her a kimono onesie with a pretty knit print I had left over from another project. I am editing the pattern a bit and planning on making a tutorial so be sure and check back soon. We all love out newest family member! She gets more beautiful every day.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Look what I made....

Baby Evangeline was s 6 pounds 6 ounces and 18 inches long, I did pretty good considering shes only the fourth one I've made. :)  All 4 turned out perfect in my eyes. I went into labor before we could turn her head-down and since my water broke there was no turning back, I had to have a C-section. I'll elaborate on that story in a later post for now I'll be taking  it easy. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

last second preparations

With my appointment to turn the baby and a very probable induction coming this Thursday, I have been keeping busy trying to get things in order. Its isn't often that you know the real due date a week ahead of time so I am trying to take advantage of it. One of the things on my to do list was to get the baby's quilt made. This is the fastest quilt I have ever made so far. I finished it in two days! I would've liked the top stitching to be a little straighter but I am not a perfect quilter. But I believe when something is made for you by someone you love it is treasured even with all it's flaws. I love that all the patchwork fabric is from the thrift store, most of it vintage, because that makes it a little unique. The color scheme evolved by itself after I saw the fabrics in my craft room unintentionally stacked together. It was super fast to make because of the simple square patchwork pattern. I wanted it to be a soft blanket so I chose this super furry plush stuff for the backing. (I got it on sale at Jo-Anne's.) It is sure to be her favorite blanket since all of us think it is fantastically soft and cozy. Seriously we cant stop rubbing it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 9th anniversary and I wanted to share some old school photos of us as brand spanking newlyweds! Trent looks so young with out a beard. I definitely prefer the beard, I think it makes him look like a mountaineer/lumberjack/pirate/artist/hottie. ;) I can't believe its 9 years today. I am so blessed to have such a loving husband. I really believe there is no one in the world better for me! Here is the quick version of our love story. I was 19 when we met and I invited Trent to join the church choir. We had mutual friends, therefore making it easy to run into each other often. We started hanging out a lot with friends then after two months we noticed our friends asking us where we've been. We thought "What? We've been hanging out with you all this whole time." To our surprise we realized we had really been exclusively hanging out with only each other for a month and a half. (Mostly at the bookstore.) We realized quickly after that that we couldn't keep away from each other for more than a day at a time and then soon came to the conclusion that we could and should never be apart again period. The main turning point was one night when I was day dreaming about kissing him (we hadn't actually kissed yet). I was thinking about my physical weaknesses and how unnecessary broken hearts and devastation can come from having a serious physical relationship before establishing a healthy committed emotional and spiritual relationship. I proceeded to tell Trent that I wanted him to kiss me, but only if I was the only one he would ever kiss again. I knew I was asking a lot but I felt strongly about it. He thought about my request and then kissed me one week later. :) And boy am I glad he did!! He did propose with a ring a week later, but that kiss will always be the "real proposal" to us. In some ways it feels like we have always been together, like we've known each other forever, and yet sometimes it feels like we're still those goofy teenagers who hung out at the bookstore. Thanks for the most incredible 9 years of my life honey! Here's to all the amazing years that are sure to come! I Love you!

P.S. I had a Dr.'s appointment this morning and baby is still breech. The Dr. scheduled a "turning" Thursday March 1st. If she cooperates we will immediately induce labor while she is still head down. If she doesn't turn we will wait a week to see if she turns on her own and hopefully avoid a c-section.

Monday, February 20, 2012

getting ready for baby

I have been crocheting up a storm over here, mostly making baby clothes. I am still working on perfecting the patterns and will for sure be letting you know when they are available! :)  Baby Girl's birthday is coming up quickly and we are trying to get all our ducks in a row in preparation. March 11th is the due date, but at my last appointment she was breech. The Dr. said we may induce labor early, after turning baby head down, so we can get her out without resorting to a C-section. A C-section sounds kinda scary since I have never had surgery in my life. Hopefully all will turn out as planned or better! :)
Another thing we have been doing over here in preparation for baby's arrival is building a triple bunk bed in the kid's room! Our 2-yr-old is still sleeping in our room in the crib and he needed a new place to sleep. The new bunk bed is pretty much finished except for a few accents and paint. Because the bed is located where the closet was we are in desperate need of new toy and clothes storage! I am trying to figure out a nice way to arrange the room so it feels effortless but well-styled. I need to be innovative and creative since I want to do all the storage on a super small budget. I'll share before and after photos as soon as it isn't a huge mess in there.

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