Another quilt top finished! { and a pattern of sorts }

Remember the bunting slash pendant quilt from these other posts? Well I finished piecing it! I am so happy with how it turned out!!
I chose a primary color theme and decided to do a mix of traditional and modern fabrics. I love that it is simple and each fabric is showcased by the white surrounding it.
Let me tell you a little about it in case you want to make one too.
  • Each triangle measures 5x8x8 in.
  • There are 96 colored triangles and 102 white muslin triangles.
  • Sew the 8 inch sides of the triangles together alternating between colored and white.
  •  Make 6 sections (or strips) of 17 white triangles and 16 colored ones. 
  • Each triangle section/strip begins and ends with a white triangle.
  • The 5 strips of muslin between the triangle sections are 9 in. x 70in.
  • The top and bottom strips of white muslin are 4.5 in. x 70in.
I'll be sure to share the finished product all bound and quilted! :)
I honestly can't believe I made a quilt by myself!! I always said that of all the crafts, quilting was the one I would never be able to do. But I figured it out pretty good I think. It really turned out better than I thought, I figured all the tips would get sewn into the seams but somehow they didn't!
I also remember saying once that quilting was a stupid craft because you take perfectly good pieces of fabric and cut them up just so you can put them back together again. Well, people change and I take it all back! Quilting ROCKS!!!!!! :) And I hope to keep making more and more!

On a  completely different note,  we found a baby robin that fell out of its nest today. 
 I heard it crying while I was outside taking photos of the quilt. It's so adorable an tiny! We fed it half a worm and them put it back in the nest. It seems the parents had no problem with us handling it and are taking care of it again. :)