Thursday, April 3, 2008

I did say monday would be when these two prints were coming to my Little Lola's shop, but what the heck, Thursday is better than never. Someday I will learn never to give specific deadlines for myself, since I always end up procrastinating or give myself too little lime to accomplish it. Enough with my silly banter, here are my two promised prints! These are specially unique prints because the originals are not going to be available for purchase. I had a special spring time feeling in my subconscious when I painted them, they both have pretty landscape surroundings, and that makes me smile. Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I like how you used very subtle colors:)
I set deadlines for myself as a way of getting things done, but often I get stressed out over my own rules..which is kinda crazy, especially with a child at home.I think you're almost better off being a procrastinator so you don't drive yourself nuts:)

Oh I was looking at your painting in the shop and I think the girls at the bus stop is awesome but didn't see a size on it.

Jenn said...

They are both just incredible lorajean! Your paintings always make me smile...

Anonymous said...

These are great!! Your artwork keeps getting more and more sophisticated! I love what you've decided to do with the color too! So soft and pretty! :) Gorgeous indeed!

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