Crafting with Delia from Delia Creates : Valentine chocolate box

On Tuesday I got together with Delia from Delia Creates and did valentine crafts! We first met through blogging. I found her blog about a year ago and after recognizing a location in her photos I learned she lived in Logan too! We exchanged emails and I eventually invited her to my Halloween party. It was really fun finally meeting her in person. This is only the third time we have gotten together (If you count her coming over to pick up a dish she left at my house).  :)  I am sometimes intimidated by her complete and total awesomeness! Not because she herself is intimidating, quite the contrary, she is so nice, sweet, and sincere!  She is super creative and fun to be around! :) Thanks Delia for a really fun afternoon! :)
When I arrived at Delia's house she invited me in and on the table was a lovely collection of lace and fabric all ready for us to use.  The photo above is actually of some lace at my house because I was not thinking and forgot to bring my camera. :(  It was so fun looking around her house and seeing a few of her lovely creations in person.
Like her neat magnetic Family Home Evening board.   Such a fun way to organize family night.

....and her vintage book paper wreath!  It looks so pretty hanging in her living room. I want one too now!

For our craft Delia showed us how to re-cover chocolate boxes with fabric. We then embellished them with lace and other findings. I brought my youngest and oldest with me. My baby played blocks on the floor (sometimes) and my daughter decorated her own box, check it out here,  When she finished her own we finished mine together. We decided to give it to dad. He loved that.
Here's how ours turned out.
Delia's boxes turned out so lovely. One had red lace on top of pink fabric, another had purple fabric and ruffled lace. I wish I had brought my camera!
Delia, I'll have to have you over to my house soon, and maybe I could bake us a treat! Ooh ooh what if we have craft night every month, and maybe invite a few friends? Wouldn't that be fun?! Just an idea.
Thanks again Delia for having us! We had so much fun!


Delia said…
Yes lets. That would be so fun! Thanks for coming over!
Annie Carie said…
My favorite part was the "Ooh ooh what if we have craft night every month" I can just hear/feel you say it, with all the giddy excitment :) I was feeling it too!

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