Gift of Love, papier mache sculpure

Gift of Love, papier mache sculpure

Here is the newest addition to my papier mache collection. She is currently up in my shoppe , so take a peek. I sold the other sculpture so fast I'm almost sad to see her go. But I think I love this girl the most! I am really having fun making these girls. I am for sure going to make more in the future. I already have three in the works right now. After seeing Jenn's pretty doll made from Polymer clay I am thinking of playing around with that too. I may do it with papier mache though. I don't know for sure. ENJOY!


Jenn said…
ooooooh! You are so sweet:) Thanks for the mention. Your papier mache sculptures put my clay to shame!!!! She is simply adorable. You need to make more, more, more...what a gift lorajean!! Gorgeous!!! xoxoxo
Lorajean said…
Thanks so much Jenn! I feel a warm in side, I'll be smiling all day today. I really do Love your dolls!
Diane Duda said…
She's a beauty! I love the flip of her hair!


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