I made them! {Rosette Cookies}

Remember this post where I bought these?
Well I finaly made some, and boy are they GOOOOD!
They are so delicate and crispy!
Very rich, too; shouldn't have eaten so many. :0
Below are the rosette cookies I made this afternoon. Enjoy!
(Scroll to bottom of this post for a little tutorial!)

Just look at how neat they look on the inside, (below) they're so lacy and fragile.

Here below is the only surviving butterfly cookie.
I made these last and was running out of batter, oh well, kind of
pretty and sculptural looking though.

Here is one of the last blobs of batter I poured into the oil.
Not crispy and light at all, but they were still super yummy.
(Tasted a little like the funnel cake you get at the fair.)
Want a mini tutorial? :)
Well here you go then...

--How to make rosette cookies--

  • Make your batter ( I used Martha's)
  • Heat your oil. (Not too hot; if they're burning then turn down the heat or put cookie in for less time.)
  • Heat the iron in the oil till it's hot too.
  1. Dip hot rosette cookie iron into batter. Be sure NOT to cover the top of the iron with any batter. (cookie won't come off)
  2. Batter should coat the iron nicely.
  3. Put battered iron in the oil and submerge it. Let it get pretty brown on the edges, tastes way better.
  4. cookies may come off the iron in the oil so I scooped them out with a spaghetti spoon. Be sure and drain oil from inside of cookie. AND sprinkle generously with powdered sugar

Everyone in the world MUST try these at least once in their life! (Or maybe much more than once) Have a great day!


mer said…
looks like these are a prettier, daintier version of a funnel cake. yum.
Annie Carie said…
I love the tutorial!!!! These tase so good! I'm sure they are even better now that you have pefected the art :)
Lorajean said…
These were better than the ones we made when you were here. All of them turned out nice and crunchy. YUM!
fioretta said…
Those look so pretty (and yummy!) Great photos!
moi said…
I never would have thought to buy those irons and try them out, but wow! You've sold me on them. Now I just need to find myself a set...
sokeleng said…
I like your blog. It is very informative and involves a lot hard work to capture those pictures. I am certain the baking communities can learn some baking skill from you blog. I use your recipe to make some rosette cookie. It turned out very well and delicious. However I my mould is slightly different from yours. Here it is.


Keep up your good work.
roseville63 said…
Yes!! These definitely are much like a thinner lighter version of a funnel cake!! And I drizzle the last bits in oil too...waste not, want not! I’m going to use your recipe, as I cannot find mine after our recent move.