rosette cookie irons

I just got these rosette cookie irons at the thrift store for 1$. I can't wait to make cookies with them! They look like this (below) when they're done. So cute right?
These heart shaped are the ones Martha Stewart makes.

Martha video here
Martha recipe here


Vanessa said…
Hello...First I have to say thank you for you sweet comments!! Second I have to tell you thank you for all your "eye candy!" I am in love! You are one talented gal, and I will be back for more! Your home is so amazing! You did a great job! Thx for putting me on your blogroll! Tell we chat again...~V
*emilie* said…
hi there ! nice magazine you have ! the butterfly one is just adorable !
D-lyn said…
Hey how will you get them rust free to use them?
It looks awesome I am excited to see the post that you've baked those cookies!
Annie Carie said…
These turned out so yummy!! Darn we should have taken a picture, maybe next time!

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