the season for hearts in my home..and a sneak peek!

I had taken my Christmas tree down and felt like my house was naked. So I went out into the snow to grab a twig and hang my valentines hearts! Photos of our marshmallow world will be up shortly. My 3 year old daughter saw me decorating and decided to do it too, here is what she did.
she very carefully placed a dried rose into a vase. Then she put all the left over twigs that fell when I was trimming into a bottle and put paper chain all over it.
She was very proud of what she had done.
Pssssst! here is a bad photo giving you a sneak peek at my newest painting!


Cedar said…
I love your new painting! She has such a great expression, and I love her doll!

Also, your heart tree is way too cute!
Daphne said…
I absolutely love your heart tree!!! I would love directions on how to make one myself!
D-lyn said…
I think "Love is in the Air every where I look around. and I don't know if I'm being foolish. Don't know if I'm being wise. but it's something I've got to believe in and it's there when I look in your"... BLOG!
Annie Carie said…
I love your heart ornaments too!! I think I might just have to make some. I made two at d-lyn's house last year but that was before I went totaly crafty crazy.
imwithsully said…
You have a lovely, sweet style that draws me in. Awesome blog!

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