I give up

After spending hours and hours sorting out the clothes putting some in storage and all of the rest neatly in the closet all sorted and organized PERFECTLY this is what I get?? I have had it. Why do I work so hard on these things? Ok, so I know this is not the end of the world but I had to vent in some way that didn't involve yelling and being an outright mean mommy. I needed to let off some steam. thanks for letting me whine a little. I promise to post happiness soon. (And maybe we will get a lock on the closet.)


Susan said…
I'm sorry!! I too hate it when i have made things just right and the twister(s) blow through and destroy it all.
Joyce said…
What a good mom you are to just take some pictures to remember the catastrophe, instead of being a "mean mommy." You will laugh about it later.
Annie Carie said…
Wahh! I want to cry for you!
D-lyn said…
Oh my Heck!!!
This very thing just happened to me!!!
Only I did yell and though I didn't spank I did bang on the wall in protest. Why are clean folded clothes so exciting to children??

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