Oh christmas tree

My family and I created a winter wonderland in our living room this week!

Oh yes, we really did put up our tree! Christmas is our most favorite holiday and if it didn't get two entire months of decorations we would feel cheated. This room not only looks magical it smells magical, we lit four evergreen scented candles and it completes the whole feeling. wish you could smell. The tree was flocked by my awesome husband, he covered almost every branch with a little bit of acrylic blanket snow specifically made for Christmas decorating.


Annie Carie said…
Oh my goodness how amazingly beautiful!! I'm totally needing to get acrylic blanket snow for my tree, I love the efect!
Lovely Cozy Gorgeous !
Diane Duda said…
It looks so warm and cozy! How do you ever leave this room?

mer said…
I love it LJ! I want to come sit on the couch with you and drink hot cocoa and laugh and talk about Christmases of old :).
D-lyn said…
I need a He-Man to bring all my Christmas things inside from the garage/barn.
I usually do it all myself but can't this year with a baby in my tummy!
Love the whole feeling of the room enjoy it for me!
Anonymous said…
That is gorgeous! You are obviously a disciplined person to get all of that done and so early!
Danielle Combs said…
How magical! Looks beautiful! I especially love the snow on the tree. And the snowflakes hanging from your chandelier.
Jessica said…
I am SO loving that you did this so early!!! Happy to hear that I'm not the only one!

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