a fascination with fairies

If you walked by my house in the morning or late afternoon you would see a blonde little girl either lying in the grass staring at bark or taping leaves together. Her love for all things Harry Potter is not trumped, but put on the shelf for awhile while fairies consume her every free moment. When I have to put home-school on hold while I nurse the baby, she can be found building a fairyland in her room or drawing fairies in her sketchbook.
Pictured above are some of the things I have found lying around the yard.  The other day I found a pixie dust basket filled with glitter, made with leaves and washi tape.  It was so amazingly constructed, but sadly it was not around to be photographed. I assume it dried out and was crushed into dust. (Pixie dust perhaps?!) :(  It looked just like a real basket and if I were a fairy I so would have used that basket!  
When I was little I would lay down and stare into the grass looking at the world like a tiny fairy would have.  I would tape leaves to my dolls for clothes and I would even put the sprinkler on mist for an added effect. How fun it is to see her doing the same things I did as a kid. :)


Delia said…
What an adorable daughter you have. :)
mer said…
How fun! I never got into fairies when I was young. what is wrong with me? I love that little girls imagination.
D-lyn said…
I think the fairies took the basket!

My girls asked me about fairies the other day and I was bad and said "there are no such things as fairies" Now why did I do that?
Miriam said…
So sweet! There's something magical or at least very satisfying about taping things too! This is so lovely!

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