Handmade Halloween invitations

When my printer stopped working earlier this month I was a little freaked out.  I'd had my heart set on printing out a bunch of my free printable ghost invitations I designed.  I thought and thought of what I could do instead but it was like my imagination was broken. All I could think of was ...beef...stew. (5 points to whoever knows that reference.)  Anyway, I wracked my brain and I just couldn't let go of the adorable idea of ghosts holding a flag banner.  So I went to my craft room got out my stamps, paint and paper and went to work.  What do you think?
halloween invitations2
halloween invitations
I used my sewing machine to put it all together.
I am super happy with how they turned out. :)

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Diane Duda said…
they are absolutely charming!
Wow, this is sooooo impressive -- love it!!!
Lei said…
those so cool. great idea!
Delia said…
These are so dang creative. I loved getting one in the mail. LOVED it...so much that I hung it up! :)

That is sooo creative! My invites this year were an quickly composed email! So lame. Next year, I will start early and be inspired and come up with something a little better. Thanks for the idea. ;-)

Also, thanks for linking up. Sandra
These are great - so creative!

Submit them in my Handmade Halloween Contest - starts now!

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Anonymous said…
so so fun!!! i think the stamp look gives the invites even more spooky appeal :) i'm following!
Anonymous said…
featuring your invites on my blog tomorrow!
Your ghost banners are just adorable and I love that you sewed it all together....sew cute!
I love this idea! Sewing all those together must have been hard though! Also, I love your boots- where did you get them?
Lorajean said…
Thanks Emily, the boots were $17 from Ross! The sewing was the easy part. The stamping was the messy, no kids allowed, hard part.

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