Gift: handmade nutcracker

My 4 year old son loves nutcrackers.  He became obsessed last Christmas when my daughter rented the ballet at the library.  He would ask us to paint a mustache on his face and red dots on his cheeks. Then he would put a stick in the back of his shirt and when he moved it up and down He would open and shut his mouth. He would buy cheap little nutcrackers but would eventually break them. When contemplating what to make him for Christmas I kept going back to a hand-painted wooden nutcracker, but that was quickly followed with the realization that he is still too young and it's just a matter of time before it too will get broken.  Then when I was at DI and found a plush nutcracker I knew that fabric was the way to go. I sewed and sewed into the wee hours of the morning working on this guy.
So with out further adieu here is the plush nutcracker I made.
I hand sewed most of his face except the teeth, which are hot glued. The X on his chest, and the feather on his hat are also hand stitched. He is machine sewed pretty much everywhere else. 
His arms are button jointed, and his hands, feet and bum are all weighted with rice.  The body is a cylinder and his legs are sewn into the seam so because of the rice he sits up on his own! :)
He is so cute and My son LOVES him! :)


Mz E said…
That looks REALLY good! Looks as if you bought it because everything is so neatly done. *smile*
Stay Blessed..
Delia said…
You are awesome for designing and sewing that yourself. It turned out beautiful!
Anneliese said…
This is about the cutest thing!!

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