Christmas cookies

I baked cookies all day yesterday and folded origami boxes all day today and here is the result.

We're planning on going caroling tonight and these are the treat boxes we're giving away. I made 13 boxes and each box has 13 goodies inside! I guess 13 is a lucky number as long as cookies are involved! I made Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallow Bark, raspberry and orange jam filled Thumbprints, and our family's favorite cookies, Chocolate Dipped Orange Logs! I am over on Dana's blog today sharing the recipe for chocolate dipped orange logs so go check it out!


Rachel Proffitt said…
It's a baker's dozen- it doesn't get better than that!
Liberty said…
Thirteen is *always* a lucky number! :) The cookies look delicious and the boxes are beautiful! Two days well spent! Sending love to you and your family -- I miss you! Give the kids hugs for me. Merry Christmas!
Delia said…
oooh yum! I love the window boxes.

Oh and thirteen is my favorite number. :)
sarah said…
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful cookies and packaging! Love it.

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