Here are sone critters I made today. I am having a lot of fun making cute little creatures these days. The sweetness of the pink alien is out of controll. heres the saddest part.....I forgot to save them without the watermark, so I have to redo them to get them without words. Sadness!


mer said…
Just as a side note I don't think the wanter mark is necessary (at least not so big). Professionally it makes you look slightly paranoid and as a new artist that appears a bit silly. Make sense? Not many artists do it. If you see someone using your work (which I highly doubt will happen) then you can take legal action (or at least threaten to and they defenitely retreat, settle, etc.).

Oh and Feel free to delete this comment if you don't want it showing up. Just some simple advice for your rep sista :). You're gonna be a rock star!!!
mer said…
LJ, I want you to post a picture of your moster you made for Alex. It's so cute!

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