"Little Lolas"

Hi everyone I'm on vacation in Colorado right now. Im having fun with my family & my sisters and my inlaws and stuff. I have been anticipating the grand opening of my Etsy shop, Lola's Island, for a few months now but I don't have an invantory large enough yet. I hope to sell stationary, fabric dolls, origional art, and prints. This little lola is the first of what I hope to be a series. hope you all enjoy.


D-lyn said…
Your Little Lola girl is soooo cute!

Is she a logo or will you put her on Tee-shirts, stationary or make her into a doll.
I'd buy a doll!
Annie Carie said…
oooh me too me too!! I want to but one too! Your art is so awesome!
mer said…
very cool LJ. I want a doll too. I'll pay full price :).

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