More cuties

Hello and good morning! I'm here with more cuddly creatures. The monster didn't turn out as

perfect as I had planed. I'm thinking of re-doing the seams. They're a bit uneven. The vintage blue alien is so sweet I love how he turned out. I figured out how to applique his eyes so he can be a baby toy (no buttons you see.) My stationary tests are alright. Since they're ink they bleed if even a little drop of dew gets on it so I'm going to have to take these to the printers. Also, I think they're too big half the size would be better I just wanted to post them any way.


Unknown said…
Wow have you been busy!! I was so sad when I really realized that you weren't going to be here to play with when I got home from Texas on Tuesday -- waaa! Very cute dolls and critters, though!

I thought you were going to channel all your sadness into fixing up the house so you can sell it and come home! No pressure, though. ;)

Have you had a chance to read the new Harry Potter yet?? I finally finished it the other night and I think I'm still processing it all. I want to go back and reread Deathly Hallows -- and then go back to reread the whole series. Yeah, I'm a little obsessed. Oh well!

You should check out my Blogspot -- I uploaded pretty much all of those comics I was showing you on my computer.

Love and miss you all!!

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