Well we're back from our bi-annual trip to Colorado. We have been back for a whole week now. Sad times I know! Colorado is our true HOME. The fun days of playing Dread Pirates and swimming all day are in the past. boo hoo. I actually made Trent the Dread Pirate game for Fathers Day. These are pictures of the different jewels I got and the map we painted together. We actually needed an entire deck of cards to play the game so I'll have to figure out how I can make some of our own. Another thing I miss is crafting and chatting and window shopping with my mom and sisters. I'm missing them so much. So instead of getting really depressed and wishing away my days I'm taking action by becoming totally obsessed with sewing dolly's and creatures for my Etsy shop. That way I have no time to think of sadness. I am really enjoying myself. Here is a cool thing, my kids are enjoying my sewing as well only sometimes does my son sit at my feet and whine for me to stop, and almost never does my daughter sit on the craft table and change my stitch from strait to zig-zag. And!!!! here is the best of all! She stayed dry in panties all last night and this morning! (except the part when she was sleeping, then she wore a diaper.) all in all I'm doing really great!


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