Sorry loves this one's for me!

How sad I was a month ago when my perfect beyond perfect diaper bag Liberty gave me was stolen. I'm still in mourning because it really rocked. Especially because a replacement diaper bag would be and extra strain on my almost non-existent budget. And if I wanted to replace it with and awesome one it would most likely be expensive. So HOORAY for scraps from my lovely mothers barn and my grandmothers fabric drawer. My new motto is "poverty is the mother of invention"! Here it is! The sweet bird, twig and leaf diaper bag,designed, or made up, by moa'! I love it!


mer said…
LJ you truly have proven that necessity is indeed the mother of invention! I'm so jealous of your creative endeavors. You're my hero. :).
Unknown said…
Sooo cute! You did such a good job with it. You rock! Someday when I have kids I'm going to hire you to make me one like it. :)
D-lyn said…
Wow can you make more I know it would be purchaced in an instant!

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