Etsy Halloween Costume Contest

Hi everyone I'm EXCITED for Halloween this year! Especially because of this contest! I'm thinking of entering it! Only thinking because I may be consumed by Halloween party planing at the time I would be making it. Also I will probably be making our whole family their consumed this year. Wow thats a lot of sewing. Any way you all can enter if you want here is the info.

Oh yes, my crafty ghosts and goblins, we’re holding the ultimate handmade costume contest, and awarding eighteen winners with over $2,000 worth of goods and prizes. Three winners will be selected in each of the following six categories: Pet, Kid & Baby, T-Shirt Costume, Sci-Fi, Green, and General Awesomeness!

Judges from,,,,,, and are helping us pick the winners and donating cool prizes.

The Rules:
To enter make a handmade costume and put it for sale in your Etsy shop no later than 11:59 EDT, October 26, 2007.

  • All entries must be tagged 'costumecon'.
  • All entries must comply with Etsy's Terms of Use, Dos and Don'ts and other Site Policies.
  • Entrants must specify which categories they want their items to be submitted by stating so in their item description. All entries will be considered for the general awesomeness category.
  • Each Etsy seller may have up to three entries in each category, but may submit the same item into as many categories as they think apply.
  • Contest is open to U.S. residents only, due to dumb laws that we hate.
  • No purchase necessary. You can also send us your photos and a written description (See legalities).

Go to this page for the rest


D-lyn said…
You realize you make a costume for etsy you have to sell it too!
I can't part with my creations!

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