Little girls dresses

My daughter LOVES to wear dresses. For a year she and I have argued about what she should wear to the park and in the winter. I would buy her brand new outfits with pants and she would never wear them. My time and money were being wasted. Well I say if you cant beat em' join em'! I have recently decided to embrace her choice in clothing. I found these images for patterns in a Japanese pattern book for sale on Etsy by Chocolate Swirl. I love every single one. I love the warm tights and boots one girl wears for winter. I also love the natural choice of colors and simplicity of the dresses. these inspired me to let her wear dresses all the time. I'm really excited to make the dresses she has look more like these images.


mer said…
so my question is, can you understand the instructions or would you need a translator?
Lorajean said…
Ha ha, I probably have to get a translation if I wanted to buy the book. I really just was being inspired by them. I love looking at the pictures for ideas.

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