I heart pedestals and platters

(I love that this pedestal plate has a shallow bowl type quality to it.)

While browsing my picture file entitled "My Faves" I noticed a trend. I love cake platers and pedestal plates or bowls. I already knew this about myself but didn't realize I was a little obsessed. At first glance (in my kitchen) you wouldn't know this about me. But once you went through my cupboards you would find quite a few of them. Let me reach into my brain and see if I can remember how many I actually have. well theres the glass cake platter I just got at the thrift store, the playful cake platter I use for birthdays, the colorful cake platter with a scalloped edge (Trent's favorite), the tiny pedestal plate with daisies on it, the pedestal bowl, and lastly the easter one that came with bunny figurines that hold little eggs. So...whats my total? Lets see...it's six. Wow and I still want more? YES!!! I want one with tiers and I want a white ceramic one and I want I want. :) Well lets just look at these pretty ones I really want someday. (Old images again, so no links to sources, I'm a Bad Bad Blogger!)

This simple cake plate is so pretty. That is "the one" I really want. It'll match every table setting.

Love the hight in these two platters. And I love that they have the glass cover. (I have a plethora of cake plates and not one cover...hmm thats weird.)

i love the alternative use this one is being put to.

Sleek and modern but still a cake platter always has that classic feeling to me.

A cupcake platter with three levels! "sigh" I LOVE it!

This image just makes me want to have tea party.


Jenn said…
eeeeeek...that cupcake platter is to die for!!! I heart pedestals and platters too...and cloches and bowls...and and and!!!!! :):)
D-lyn said…
Hey Lorajean!
I love those images too!
I actually have the same love affair!
I want a collection of rose glass pedestal plates that you can stack or use separately!
You inspire me!!

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