Thursday, January 31, 2008

A little more texture

(I love the body and layers in her hair, I also love the thickness of her bangs.)

Looking in the mirror and getting ready to go out has been the same old thing for too long. I need more body and texture to my STRAIT as dry spaghetti hair. I took the liberty of doing a google image search for hair styles and got a few good images but the search led me to two main web pages that really got my attention.

and, long hairstyles home

(this one is in Japanese but had the best photos)

After looking through too many pictures I noticed that what I wanted was really specific, very helpful for a girl who usually has too many ideas that she can't make up her mind. I learned that I want layers. And maybe some bangs, either sideswipe or thick and straight.

Pretty much the same hair as the first photo but shorter. Again loving the body.

I like that she swept her bangs to the side.

My hair would not flow as lovely as hers the way mine is cut right now, believe me I tried it yesterday.

Another image of pretty side swipe bangs.

I like her bangs and the "messy" body in her hair.

Links again for those lazy scrollers.

and, long hairstyles home

(this one is in Japanese but had the best photos)


mer said...

LJ you nailed the bang look I too have been wanting! Thanks, now I have some pics to take to the salon.

D-lyn said...

don't worry about the Asian look yo could definitely pull it off and everyone would think you photo went right in there just like those girls

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! I hope you have fun choosing and getting your hair cut!! It is always so much fun to have a new look! I have very curly hair... which has its issues as well! :) I LOVE the bangs in all your photos too! Great finds!

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