My Regency Era Hairstyle with a modern twist.

As you all probably know, I've been in Love with the Regency Era of fashion as of late, and now it's affected the way I do my hair. As an experiment I tried to get my hair to look as authentic as I could, while putting in some modern adjustments. In the back I made what would have been perfect pin curls and ringlets into something a bit more messy; but I really liked how it all turned out. The shirt I chose to wear really reflects the gathered dress fronts of that era too, and that was not even intentional. ;) (See, It's infecting everything I do whether I want it to or not.) Oh, and the shoes were just a really great thrift store find that I had to share. They were only three bucks! Have a great day!


Anonymous said…
I love these photos! Such pretty lighting and color! Great job! I feel a total presence with these! :)

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!
Miriah said…
Oh my goodness! I absolutely love your hair!!! And your shoes--So wonderful! You look amazing! PS We have such a tiny house that my "work space" takes up a tiny corner of our livingroom, thank you for the sweet comment!
Anonymous said…
And I'm loving the shoes! ;)
fioretta said…
Very pretty! I can never get my hair to hold any curl... it was a miracle it held up as long as it did on my wedding day, but I had a lot of help from a variety of products. :)

Also, I saw your post about the design changes to my blog, and I wanted to share the link that had the instructions for changing it to a three-column layout:
noodle and lou said…
oooooh...I adore that color on you Lorajean!! And you lucky girl for finding those fab $3.00 shoes:)

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