New Lovelies

Coming soon...

And this whole time you thought I was sleeping too during nap time. ;)

I'm announcing my first officially scheduled shoppe update!!Hope to see you there!
maybe I'll even throw in some surprises!


mer said…
ok but the paper mache doll is so mine. Don't even let anyone else have it. I'll give you whatever you want for it ;).
Annie Carie said…
oooooooo how exciting, they all took awesome!
Anonymous said…
Wow! So many beautiful things. I love the girl with the bird!! I don't know how people work with papier~mache. I have always found it difficult and so I pretty much stay away from it (until I see someone else so something fantastic, and then I run out and buy some and just wind up with a mess!).
I am resisting going out and buying some now! Your dolls are also very sweet and I love the fox stationary. Your site is well designed~ a visual treat :)

p.s...I like the time you put down for the shop update. That is a fairly accurate things to say with little ones!
Anonymous said…
Oooh! I am so excited!! :) I will totally be checking you out tomorrow during nap time! ;) Good luck!!
noodle and lou said…
oooooh...who is that adorable girl peeking out with the bird cage!!!? You are so amazing with that papier mache Lorajean!! The paintings are stunning and the stationary is darling! Is it nap time yet;) xoxo...jenn

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