Pretty little frock and green green grass

One week ago we planted some wheat.

Now look whats happened! Pretty green grass all ready for Easter!

And what goes better with Easter than a pretty Easter dress.

Especially one handmade from scratch.

I didn't use a pattern at all, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Have a great springtime'y day!


mer said…
very cool LJ. sometimes I think you are mini mom with all your creative ways of making things happen.
Annie Carie said…
you are stinking talented!! (note the hint of jelously in my type)
Abigail said…
Aw, that dress is so cute!
Anonymous said…
Squeeeaall!!! What adorable photos you have here! I love her mary-janes and little dress! And the light coming through the wheat grass is magical! :)

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